1. general

The following conditions are valid for all contracts, deliveries and other services. Different terms of business of customer we contradict hereby expressly. Orders are processed in the order of receipt. If there is insufficient stock Partial deliveries are possible.

2. prices

All prices are net from factory in euro plus packaging, shipping costs and VAT within the meaning of the VAT Act latest version (for Germany and customers without VAT-number from EU countries). For unusual fluctuations in resource prices, we reserve the right to change prices.

3. delivery

Shipping is generally via DHL package and basically only against advance payment. Shipments of single pairs or patterns can be made by Maxi Brief registered. The shipping informations are here.

Not immediately deliverable items are delivered within 1-4 weeks after payment, depending on the items ordered and the order quantity. Should extend the delivery time, you will be notified.

4. payment

Payment via PayPal or bank transfer within 14 days in advance or when picking up in cash. The unauthorized change of invoices is strictly prohibited.

5. quality features

The glass eyes manufactured by us are made of 100% handmade, small irregularities can not be avoided and therefore can not be accepted as complaints. A minimum tolerance of +/- 0.5 mm is permitted for all dimensions. Minor color variations are subject to typography and no cause for complaint. Deforming metal eyelets, wires, needles, etc. can lead to breaking of these materials and is therefore no grounds for complaint. The iris size is, except for Reborn eyes, half of the eyeball + 1 mm. When Reborn eyes, the iris is correspondingly greater. We do not guarantee for the same eye diameter +/- 0.5 mm, we can not guarantee for the same iris diameter +/- 0.5 mm, and we do not guarantee for the fraction of eyes. Material is glass. After consultation, in justified complaint and return of the goods will be delivered free replacement.

6. special model

Custom designs are individually manufactured glass eyes (outside of serial production) which are excluded from right of return and exchange. Custom designs are only available by prior arrangement, assuming technical feasibility.
For custom designs is a surcharge of 20% calculated.

7. liability

Faults to in terms of quantity and quality of the goods can only be accepted if made within 5 days of receipt of goods. Other responsibility (eg subsequent breach of eyes) can not be accepted. Claims for damages of contractual and social protection and incidental duties, negligence in contracting and non-contractual liability are excluded.

8. Retention of title

The goods until full payment possession by Lauschaer Glasaugen

9. Fulfillment / Jurisdiction

Fulfillment is Lauscha / Thür. Jurisdiction is Sonneberg / Thür.

10. size information

The given sizes are considered diameter.

11. contracts

The contract is binding once you have received our written confirmation.